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Facial Treatments

A non-invasive light therapy to help tighten & smooth the skin using the red light for its skin rejuvenation and improving collagen. Blue & Red…

A crystal free treatment using a diamond encrusted wand to gently remove unwanted dull skin to reveal a more radiant glow.

Designed for the ever changing teen skin, this facial is a deep cleansing routine which assists the removal of impurities while protecting and nurturing a…

Ideal for people on the go. An everyday routine facial with cosmetical anti-ageing ingredients tailored to reveal your skins radiance.

Customer Reviews

Great Experience!

I just wanted to let you know the ladies at Biyoin are all wonderful, caring and professional individuals. I have never felt so looked after at a salon. I have only had an eyebrow wax but wouldn’t go anywhere else and will be back for more treatments. I will be referring you to everyone I know.”
- Jessica

Second to None Service!

I have been going to Biyoin Spa for the past 3 years and you can’t find a better salon. Great staff awesome customer service highly recommended place to go and just relax”
- Melissa Portelli

Great People!

To all concerned, these three lovely ladies have made my world a happy place, kisses to you all, Angelic, Amanda and Julie, hope i got the names right!”
- Amy Hamblin

Feeling Pampered

Thank you so very much for pampering my entire Mum’s group last night. You girls are awesome and we really appreciated it.”
- Caitlin Reynolds


You guys are my top favourite Spa's I go to :D I love the service and the awesome girls that work there..... Keep up the good work.”
- Alysia Keyes